Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


In the present Legal Notice, the User will find all the information related with the legal terms that explain the relationships between the user and the responsible of the web, accessible at the URL direction http://www.albertobianchi.com (from here on out, the Website), that AB BEAUTY SA. (from now on, AB BEAUTY) offers to all Internet users.


Nombre del titular: AB BEAUTY S.A.

Domicilio social: Avda. Aragón, 30, 8º - 46021 Valencia

C.I.F.: A40611865

Teléfono de contacto: 961162855
Correo electrónico:data@albertobianchi.com

AB BEAUTY is the responsible of the Website and promises to obey all National and European requirements that regulate the use of personal data of users.

This website guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal data provided by you, according to the EU 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the Organic Law 3/2018, of Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights, just as according to Law of Society Information’s Services and Electronic Trades, 34/2002 (LSSI-CE).



The Website ease the users the same access to information and services provided by AB BEAUTY.

The use of the Website implies the whole acceptance, without exceptions, of every single provision included in this legal notice. Consequently, the user of the Website must read carefully the legal notice every time he/she visits the web site, because the text may suffer modifications, according to the will of the owner or according to a legislative, jurisprudential or company criteria change.


3.1.- Free Access and use of the web. The access is free for all users, except in everything related to connection cost through net telecoms, supplied by the provider of the users.

 3.2.- User’s register. Generally, the access and use of the web does not require previously subscription or register of users.

3.3.- Users guarantee and respond, in any case, of personal data’s accuracy, validity and authenticity, and they compromise to keep it updated. The user accept to provide complete and correct information in the contact questionnaire.

In case of children under thirteen years, it is required the consent of their parents or guardians for the treatment of their personal data.

In any case won’t be collected from the minor’s aspects such as professional and economic situation, or privacy of other members of their family, without the proper consent. If you are under thirteen and you have accessed this website without warning your parents, you must not register as user.

In this website the user’s personal data are carefully respected. As user, you must know that your rights are guaranteed.


The language of the website will be English. AB BEAUTY does not take responsibility of the incomprehension by the user, neither its consequences.

AB BEAUTY could modify the contents without previous warning, just like delete or change them, not taking responsibility of it.

It is prohibited the use of website’s contents for promoting, hiring or divulge advertising, or own and third parties information, without the authorisation of AB BEAUTY, just like sending advertising or information using for that services offered by the website, regardless the use is free or not.

Links and hyperlinks that third parties add in their websites, directed to our website, will be for the whole opening of it, not being able to express false statements, or confusing inaccuracies against AB BEAUTY.



Personal data provided by the users could be stored in databases, computerized or not, which ownership belong exclusively to AB BEAUTY, taking over all technical, organizational and security measures that guarantee confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information, according to all current regulations about personal data protection.


Access to website, just like non consent use of information contained in it, will be exclusive responsibility of the person that makes it. AB BEAUTY will not respond for any consequence, harm or damage that may occur derive from it. Equally, the company will not be responsible for security breaks that may occur, neither harm they may occur on user’s informatic system (hardware y software), or files and documents stored in it, as a consequence of:

- Presence of a virus in user’s computer used to the connection for services and contents in the website.

- Malfunction of the browser.

- and/or use of non updated versions of it.

AB BEAUTY SA. will not be responsible of reliability and speed of hyperlinks to other websites. AB BEAUTY SA. does not guarantee the utility of the hyperlinks, and will not take responsibility for the contents or services contained in them.


This website use cookies and other similar technologies, deeply explained in the Cookie Policy, accessible all the time, and respecting the confidentiality and privacy of the user, being a part of the present legal notice.


Internet’s servers may collect non identifiable data, that may include IP addresses and other data, which can’t be used to identify the user. Your IP address will be stored in automatic access logs, with the only purpose of allowing the Internet traffic, being necessary that your system provides that address for the right communications. In the same way, that address could be used to make anonymous statistics about the number of visitors of this website and their origin, in a transparent way for your navigation.


User knows and accept that all contents and/or other elements of the website are properties of AB BEAUTY SA, and commits to respect all industrial and intellectual rights, ownership of AB BEAUTY SA and/or third parties.

Any use of the website or its contents must have a personal nature.

It is exclusively reserved to AB BEAUTY SA, any other use that suppose copy, duplicate, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action of the whole or partial contents of the website, so any user could not attempt this actions without previous and written authorization of AB BEAUTY SA.


Subject to being granted a trade account with AB Beauty SA (known as the company) then the reseller will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

To sell the company’s products at the Recommended Retail Price as specified from time to time by the company.

Not to offer the company’s products for sale through e-commerce on-line without the specific permission of the company.

The company will allow promotion of its products by the re-seller through social media, but all promotions must be submitted to the company for approval.

Any proposed advertising by the re-seller will be considered by the company on receipt of artwork which should follow the company’s brand guidelines, or the company will at the company’s expense supply artwork.

Any stock delivered to the re-seller if received damaged will be replaced by the company if the company is notified within 3 days and the damaged items are returned to the company.

The company will supply point of sale material free of charge and if the re-seller wishes to produce additional material can only do so with the express permission of the company.

The re-seller agrees that they will make no claims on the performance of the company’s products other than those published by the company and if the re-seller does make spurious claims then the re-seller indemnifies the company against any third-party claims that my ensue.

Should there be any breach of the terms and conditions then the re-seller will be given 30 days to rectify such breach. If the breach is not rectified, then the re-seller will be given 14 days termination notice and will no longer be able to sell the company’s products. The re-seller will also be required to return all point of sales material in good condition. This will also apply if the re-seller’s business goes into liquidation or ceases trading.


This legal notice will be interpreted and regulated by the Spanish legislation. AB BEAUTY SA and the users accept to resolve controversies that may occur derive of the use and access to the website, in the Courts and Tribunals of user’s home. If the user has its home outside Spain, AB BEAUTY SA and the user will resolve the controversies in the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.