Care For Your Skin So It Can Take Care Of You

Care For Your Skin So It Can Take Care Of You


What does your skin and the defensive wall of a mighty castle have in common? Do you think that one has nothing to do with the other? Then think of your skin as a formidable wall protecting you from environmental stresses and all kinds of invaders.

A healthy skin as the defensive wall for your body

Imagine a medieval castle build with heavy, protective stone walls, round towers, and fortified gates. The castle sits on top of a hill and is exposed to bright sun, harsh winds and heavy rain. Visualize archers firing arrows at on-comers and residents pouring tar down on attackers. Just as the walls and towers of a medieval castle were built to be as defensive as possible the skin is the first defensive barrier of your body. Every element of their structure was designed to make sure that it is as strong as it could be to withstand external stressors and stop intruders.

Your skin protects you from the outside world

A healthy skin is an important prerequisite for overall health since it is the most important protective layer of our body. And just like a medieval castle, our body is always facing a multitude of challenges. First, a healthy skin fends off organisms that can cause disease. These so-called pathogens include viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Your skin must also withstand environmental factors such as solar radiation, air pollution, and cosmetic products.

Your skin is coated with acid

An invisible protective mantle made of sweat and sebum enhances the growth of a multitude of diverse and helpful bacteria, which colonizes every part of your skin. They build a powerful army and prevent harmful microbes from docking and fight environmental stress and infections. To keep your skin’s defensive force healthy and effective, it is of utmost importance that the protective layer referred to as acid mantle is always slightly acidic.

Unfortunately, very often we destroy the delicate acid mantle of our skin with too much scrubbing, using drying alcohol, neutralizing it with alkaline washes or applying harsh essential oils. Once the barrier is broken, your skin’s defense system is compromised. This can eventually lead to skin disorders including infections, allergies, and neurodermatitis.

Natural skincare and a strong immune system

In addition to a good skincare routine, a strong immune system helps your skin to stay healthy and protect your body from harmful things from outside. Caring for your skin not only allows your skin to stay vital to ward off environmental stressors but also enables your skin cells to maintain themselves and to regenerate. Your skin appears clean, soft and relaxed even when exposed to sunlight, pollution or emotional stress.

A great way to help support your skin’s natural defense system is to treat your face with natural and organic skincare products like Alberto Bianchi Natural Face Lift Serum. It’s time to care for your skin now, so it can take care of you in the future.